Frequently Asked Questions - Roll-A-Home Campers

FAQs - Roll-A-Home Campers

The brakes can not be retro-fitted to a non brake axle. The axle would need to be replaced.

The camper is made out of fiberglass. The outside is covered with a black or white gel coat. The inside is raw fiberglass and resin. The spray texture is a coat of primer followed by a spatter coat. The spattter coat is what trunks of cars were coated with in the 60's. It is durable and looks really nice. This will cover all exposed fiberglass inside the unit.

We do have a freight guy that can deliver upon request. With the cost of fuel and freight, most people want to pick their unit up but delivery is available.

Replacement tents are available for purchase. The standard model runs around $1000.00 and the widebed model is $1200.00.  Some older models may be higher.

We use a marine grade product called Star Brite and recommend treating your tent at the beginning of every season, which should be sufficiant in most cases. If you use your tent many months of the year, you should treat it accordingly. There are many good products for this that can be purchased at any camping goods store. New units are treated before delivery.

We do not have any dealers at this time but we do have "show and tellers" all over the US and Canada that would be willing to show their unit. The "Show and Tell" tab will show you a map where Roll A Homers are located! 

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